Yannis has collaborated with other producers-DJ’s such as Dado (aka Deedrah, Synthetic,…), Wizzy Noise, or Silicon Sound. He has remixed famous artists like the French singer Mylene Farmer - including her singles “C’est Une Belle Journée” and “Pardonne-Moi” (Polydor/Universal) - with Blue Planet Corporation together, the Moroccan singer Tyoussi (Fairway/SonyMusic), Vibrasphere, or the French pop band Jpex (Wagram).
Jaia has also been remixed by Total Eclipse, Minilogue or Jimmy Van M for example...
Yannis is evolving in side projects too, like
Even 11 with Silicon Sound, Altitudes with Blue Planet Corporation and Silicon Sound , or Kama & Mac Gregor. He is also part of the electro and house oriented label Pumpz Recordings.


He is working as well with Extreme Music a company making sound libraries for cinema and TV, and by the way his music is often played on TV in adverts and documentaries, in video games, and movies. He is also currently working on short-movies soundtracks.

Since 1997 Yannis has been performing live in Europe, Japan, Israel,
, India, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and in the USA. Jaia has actually played at several big gatherings like Return To the Source in London, the Boom Festival in Portugual, Solstice in Japan, the Gaian Mind Festival in the USA, the Samothraki Dance Festival in Greece, Universo Paralello in Brazil, Soncia Festival in Italy, Shambhala Music Festival in Canada , or the VooV Experience in Germany.

A brand new regular Jaia album is scheduled for soon.